Thank you for your interest in contributing designs or ideas for designs
as part of Columbus KTC's fundraising efforts!
There are a few guidelines, both in terms of content and technical specifics:

1.All images must be either original art/photos, or based on images that are in the public domain, free of any copyright or licensing restrictions.

2. The use of images of Buddhas or dieties, other personages, or what would be regarded as 'sacred images', auspicious symbols, etc. are subject to review. Certain images will not be used on products such as socks, bedding, pillows, leggings, bath mats or shower curtains.

Use these guidelines when formatting your images:

Making Art with Products in Mind
Dimensions & Format

Email your images, or any questions you may have, to me at .

All products displayed on the 'DharmaStudios' collection page are produced and sold through and Columbus KTC receives money from the sales of these items.
Your artwork contribution is purely an act of giving. In other words, you won't get paid anything!
...but you will be helping to support Buddhist teachings and practice in central Ohio!

By submitting artwork for use, you allow Columbus KTC to use your images for its fundraising purposes, including product promotion and including modification for technical reasons when needed.
All submissions are offered freely by you and without compensation.
You retain full rights to the image and it will be removed at any time upon your request.