The Regal Beast
Cooperative Art Studio
302 North Washington Street
Snow Hill, MD 21863

In 2006 the Regal Beast opened its doors in Snow Hill's Arts and Entertainment District.
Over time We've evolved as a cooperative art studio.
In addition to personal studio space, we provide instruction and lectures in ceramics, fused glass, textile dying & weaving, origami and various mediums of painting.

You are invited to join us to shop, swap ideas, attend classes and lectures or become a coop artist with your own space to create.


Ellen Tolliver 703/582-7716 Ceramics/Painter / Instructor

Don Cheeseman 301/648-5695 "Swimming Dog Glass" Designer/Instructor

Olga Deschields 443-735-7412 Painter/Window Design/ Origami

Maria Mazel 410-208-1622 Textiles, Weaving/Painter

Michelle Parker 202-577-8804 Ceramics /Painter